For God so loved the world...|John 3:16

The Power of Giving

"The act of giving is not the greatest expression of love, instead the sacrifice in giving"
Evangelist. Meek E. Ebare

...He who wins souls is wise | Prov 11:30


“The fruit of the righteous [is] a tree of life; and he that winneth souls [is] wise.” | Prov 11:30. No man is wise until he start winning souls. The business of soul winning is the greatest business here on earth founded by God Himself where Jesus is the Chief administrator |1 Cor 12:5 and Holy Spirit the Operational and distribution Manager | 1 Cor 12:4. It is the only business God is officially partnering with mankind for the total redemption of humanity and we are officially asking you to joining us in this glorious and ever rewarding race in JESUS NAME.

Who we are...

Apostolic base Ministry,
dedicated to evangelism the Gospel of Christ all around the world
Mark 16:15-18

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Daily live by the word of God...| Matt 4:4

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Meet the Man of God, Evangelist. Meek E. Ebare, The Apostle of "GIVING"

You Were Made To

Make A Difference.

Until you discover why you were born into this wonderful planet, your life isn’t really started yet. Life is only meaningful if the reason of existence is discovered. I was born into a large polygamous family, a place where destiny contest is ever inevitable and a world where wickedness is truly abound but yet, even in the midst of all these, I discovered that God so much loved me. I discovered that, I was born with a difference…

Therefore, would you like to equally be a part of the lives transformer? If yes, we can both do it. We can both achieve it. And we can both make a difference so that  you can be different.

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God ultimate business is to save and redeem humanity ..| John 3:16-17, Eph 1:7
God enjoys Loving you!

We exist to Bring Glory to God
by making Disciples
through Gospel preaching and teaching
-healing and deliverance, charity etc.


God's ultimate business is to save and redeem humanity, ! | John 3:16-17, Eph 1:7